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His Name

The name Kuja has its origins in Indian, or rather, Hindu scriptures.
He is an Indian god, and his birth has a few versions.
In my opinion, the first one is probably most closely related to the Kuja in FFIX.

Version 1
The Brahma Vaivarta Puraana traces the origin of Kuja as follows:

The time dates back to the post cosmic incarnation of Lord Vishnu as a boar. The story goes to say that Bhoodevi falls in love with Lord Vishnu and approaches him. The lord favours her and she leaves a coral in the ocean as a token of their togetherness. Kuja is said to have born out of that coral. Etymologically, KUmeans earth and JArefers to birth. Hence he is referred to as the son of the earth or in other words Bhauma.

Son of the Earth? Hmmm...son of Terra.....? Terra means earth....... ^_^

Version 2
Padma Puraana gives a slightly different version of Kuja’s origin. Once a bead of perspiration from Lord Vishnu’s brow falls on the earth and from that energy a red coloured person, who is also known as Lohitaanga takes birth. He wins over Lord Brahma with his rigorous penance and secures a position in the planets. He is none other than Kuja.

Red Coloured person....? Hmmm.....what was the colour of Trance Kuja again? ^_^

Version 3
Shiva Puraana tracks down his origin to Lord Shiva. Sati Devi, daughter of Dakshaprajaapathi, immolates herself in the Yogic fire, as a sequel to her separation from the lord. Lord Shiva too is stricken with agony and in that pain-filled state; a drop of sweat from his body falls on earth. Again a crimson coloured person emerges out of the drop of sweat and Bhoodevi tends him. Hence Kuja is looked upon as the son of Lord Shiva or Kumaara Swami. It is in this context that Kumaara Swami is ceremoniously worshipped on Tuesdays.



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