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8th April 2003 Two more fanarts by Crystal Shards added. Check them out in the Gallery. ;)

12th February 2003 I absolutely can't believe people still visit this worthless shrine of mine!! Its been more than two years since The Shrine of Kuja has been online!! I haven't updated for nearly half a year!!
But I still get lots of email of fanfics and praises, so I thought "What the heck? Perhaps I should do something.". So I guess I may REALLY revamp this site. I mean, my web design skills have improved alot over the couple of years, and I made this site 2 years ago using Frontpage. =P
Anyway there's a new fanfic by Mistaken Identity in the Library. Enjoy it while I remodel this shrine. =)

30th September 2002 Hi all! Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm now studying in the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. My life is kind of hectic right now; trying to adjust to life here. Anyway, Kujabie has sent another fanart. Check it out in the Gallery or just click here

1st August 2002 A new fanart of Kuja has been added. Generously submitted by Kujabie.

3rd April 2002 New link added in Relations. This is my first update in nearly half a year. I'm currently working on a Version 2 for this site.

Welcome to the Shrine of Kuja. The Shrine is still in its preliminary stages and is still undergoing major changes.
This Shrine is dedicated to Final Fantasy IX's villian.....
Kuja of Terra. So sit back, relax and come inside to worship and admire the great Kuja
To begin, choose from one of the links to the left.