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From Past to Present

Author: Mistaken Identity

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"From Past to Present"

Chapter 1 ~ Lost and Found
A young man awoke in a bed laying beneath soft, warm, white sheets. His eyes,
concealed some by strands of his silver hair, opened to the bright sunlight 
that poured through his bed-side window. However, the world around him appeared 
in a blurred mass. 

What he could distinguish from his blurry world was a young woman who sat at
the edge of his bed, enveloped by the sunlight. Her chestnut-colored hair, tied 
at her neck by the knot of a dark, scarlet ribbon, hung to the small of her 
back. She wore a plain cream tunic opened in a small "v" at her upper chest and 
draped down her arms and body, carefully edging out her delicate figure. Upon 
her pale face was an exhausted, concerned expression and weary, emerald green 

'Am I truly alive, or am I where I deserve to be?' he thought to himself, as if 
lost in a dream. His mind drifted to the girl, 'Who could she be?'    
"You," he called out to her, "tell me where I am." 

The young woman stopped singing. She pulled herself off the bed, her long
tunic trailing after her. She then drew herself closer to him. 

"You're with me now," she answered, kneeling beside him. She started brushing 
some of his hair off his face. As he felt her fingertips grace his forehead, 
he felt strangely at ease. 

"You've been with me for two weeks, sleeping ever since I found you," she
"It seems to me that you've recovered quite well." 

"Is that so?" 

"Yes, a miracle recovery, you could say. I found you nearly dead at the base of
the Iifa 
tree. Your wounds were terrible, some still bleeding. But now, you're doing much

"You should've left me there," he said. "It would've been much better that way."

"I don't think so," she retorted. "It'd be cruel of me to just let you die.
I had to help." 

He cursed to himself again. The thought of waking up in the world he
once tried to destroy wasn't appealing to him, "No, you didn't. Have you any
of who I am?" 

"I am aware of who you are," she replied, "but your identity and your
past have no meaning to me. That is, I could care less if you were the one
who sabatoged this planet. You were hurt and in need of help, which is all
I care about." 

"So you hold my past record against me?" 

"At first I thought it was rather selfish of you to work your ambitions
without any consideration of those you would affect both indirectly and
directly," she explained. "But now, things are different. Everyone's 
moving forward. I've moved forward."

"Not everyone is willing to forgive me," he said, looking directly into
her eyes. "Not everyone is like you, whoever you are. Besides, why must
you have sympathy for me?" 

She sighed and returned his gaze, "Look, the reason I helped you isn't
just because I felt sympathetic towards you. Like I've said, it would've
been cruel if I left you there. You deserve a second chance, and you
should be thankful that you've been bestowed one."

"Sure I do," he retorted. "You say that everyone is moving forward. My 
existence will only resurface the pain of the past, for I am the cause of
it. They would be happier if I died, and yet you alone want me alive. 
What is it that you see in me?" He wasn't exactly sure why he was telling
her what he was feeling. However, she, after all is the only person he
had at the moment. 

She smiled, "What I you." 

Chapter 2 ~ Left Unsaid


She leaned back in the wicker chair she placed at his bedside. As she watched
him soundly sleep, she took notice of the 
calmed expression on his face; she remembered it to be the same expression from
the first time she encountered him. Her 
eyes could not resist looking at him; even sleeping, she found him handsome. 

She then gathered the chair from beneath her and scooted closer to him. Once she
settled herself, she started to caress 
his left cheek in slow movements with the back of her hand. His skin was smooth
to the touch. 

She recalled, ‘It’s difficult to believe that only two weeks ago a terrible cut
was in this area.’ 

And as she brushed her hand off his face and to his neck she thought, ‘I once
told you that I see ‘you,’ and yet, there’s 
so much *more* to you than what I can see.’


Standing beneath the veil of a gentle rain shower, at the base of the ancient
Iifa tree, the young woman cast her eyes 
down upon the body of a young man that rested at her feet. Her heart sank with
pity and worry as she kneeled beside him. 

His back - which had a funny, pale, white tail extending from it - was turned to
her, arms outstretched and overlapping 
each other, legs crossed in an awkward fashion. The view of his face slept
beneath the blanket of his silver hair. His 
clothes were tainted with splatters and streams of dried blood, blotches of
dirt, and ripped in shreds. Beneath the 
gaps in his clothes, she found an array of jagged cuts - some scarred, bleeding,
or infected - and a series of blackish 
bruises adorning his body. Never before had she witnessed such injuries. 

Her brow creased at the sight, ‘How awful; it must’ve been painful for him. 
Now, I wonder…’ With one hand firmly placed 
on his shoulder, the other at his waist, she carefully rolled him onto his back. 

His hair fell into place at both sides of his face, only a few strands still
covering his eyes. She noticed two distinct, 
dark scars, one running the boundary between his hairline and forehead, the
other lining his left cheekbone. Thin streams 
of blood seeped from his nostrils and the corner of his mouth. 

He wore an eerily peaceful expression upon his face, one that penetrated her
mind. She had seen a similar expression 
before, but she could not determine where or when she saw it, or whose face it
belonged to. What she was most aware of, 
besides its familiarity, was its power to draw her; she couldn’t stop looking at
him. She vaguely remembered that only 
one other had worked such power upon her before, and her heart nearly stopped
when she determined who it had been. 

‘Maxwell…’ she gasped. The slightest thought of her late fiancée not only scared
her, but tore her heart apart. As tears 
filtered to her eyes, she shut them tightly, ‘No, no, Layla, he’s never coming
back! You’ll never see him again!’ 

Aside from the truth about her beloved convincing her, she remembered that the
young man, who laid before her, had a tail. 

‘He is no ordinary human,’ she told herself. ‘No matter…’ 

The young woman dug her arms beneath his back and scooped him onto her lap. With
one arm across his waist and the other 
behind his back, she pulled him into an upright position. Keeping her right arm
on his waist, she cradled his head to her 
chest with her left arm while wrapping her hand around his ear. As she started
to caress his cheek, she closed her eyes 
and rested her chin on the top of his head. 

‘I’m not sure why I believe this, but I know you’re alive,’ she told him
mentally. ‘Though it may be a long-shot, I’ll 
save you…’ 


She kept that promise to the best of her abilities. Two weeks of sleepless
nights, exhaustion, anxiety, and worry paid off. 
Thanks to her, he recovered and lived. Even though his physical wounds healed,
she wasn’t sure of the extent of any 
possible emotional wounds. Even if she knew, she wouldn’t know what to do about
them, nor if there was anything she 
*could* do. 

‘He must feel lost and alone in this world,’ she wondered, still stroking his
cheek. ‘This world…despised him greatly. 
There is a place for him here.’ 

She struck another glance at his quiet face while taking her hand away from his
face. The young woman leaned back in her 
wicker chair and sighed.  
"From Past to Present"

A/N: Okay, Kuja belongs to the people @ Squaresoft, and the unnamed girl belongs
me, k? 'Kay. 

Heh, you thought I gave up on this, eh? Hmmm....I'm not totally sure if my Kuja
is the same 
one in FFIX. *raises eyebrow in uncertainty.* *shruggs* Oh well, I tried.
Anyway, the girl's 
identity will be revealed in a later chapter, as well the meaning of the last
This time, I hope I actually finish this story. I apologize to those who have
read this story and 
wanted to read more. *sigh* It's been a difficult challenge for me to find a way
to get this one to work,
and yes, it took me two years to get this story up and running. I'll try my best
to write up more

You know, perhaps, I could use some suggestions. E-mail me or something, please!

Thanks for reading, everyone, and please let me know if you really like this
~Mistaken Identity