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ooooooh, I love your shrine!! Actually no. I love Beramode's shrine. you know. The one you ripped a good chunk of your info from. You have 24 hours to remove the 2 wallpapers you ripped from Beramode's site (the two that aren't the amano drawing). I'd give you the URL, but, i'm pretty sure you already know where it is. You also have 24 hours to remove the name section, since, you didn't do any of that research, nor did you ask for permission to use it, when you ripped it from Beramode's site. Looking at the sections that aren't up yet, it looks like you're planning on ripping her entire site. I really advise against that, buddy. VERY BAD IDEA. The fact that you link the old incarnation of the Kuja shrine is... kinda lame. You don't rip from someone, then link to them. It's a sure way to be found out. Better yet, you don't rip from people; full stop. <keeps looking> Wow, you even ripped Beramode's SWF music file. That's fantastic, good fucking job. Remove that too.

Yeah, so, now that people are on to you, how long before you remove all the info and files that aren't yours? 24 hours. I will check again in 24 hours, and if you haven't removed these things, you WILL be sorry.